We promote family values by encouraging family members to spend a little time with family members. To spend a little time with the loved one is priceless. The ability to play and have fun and to stay fit is a miracle now a days in today’s fast pace life style. So we encourage all families to spare at least one hour for that little Johnny of yours because Johnny needs you. We pride ourselves to be different by doing creative things which makes life worth living especially with families.

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History How everything started and how I almost gave up. This inspired the apparel you see.

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My name is Frank Kigozi and I am owner/creator of Family Fun Games and I am a dad of 2 who can’t sit still. All the blog posts are reflection of our daily life, creations and discoveries.

 Unchangeable Facts about me

  1. English is my 3rd language. So pardon, my language. If (or should I say) WHEN you see grammar mistakes or sentences you don’t understand please be soft on me and if it really bothers you, let me know. I would really appreciate it. frankkigozi@familyfungames.ca
  2. I am still committed to fighting obesity in youth. So Letsplay and keep fit in all seasons.
  3. I will never forgot where I came from and my past experience are still with me.
  4. Every dollar I collect from my artwork, 20% percent goes to my  favorite charity.
  5. Most people know me by picawho, picaone or picatree or with my logo on the internet. If you ask…Well the internet has changed a lot in the past few years. It wasn’t wise to be yourself online especially with hackers, spammers and google tracking your every move on the internet. With the raise of social media, the internet is a different animal now. You must be who you say you’re or else your account gets rejected or even worse, you don’t get paid in your name. However now I go by my name Frank Kigozi or through my brand.

You can not see the full picture of me, until you find out how it all started. Well here it is…

I encourage you to read my e-book titled Frank and The games, everything you need to know is in there. Its a biography of how everything started. It includes celebrity encounters, more pictures never before seen and future plans. Its an e-book which means you can read it on any smart phone, Ipad, e-reader or on your computer.

Get my free copy of the book as a gift. This is a book you can read on your computer, smartphone, Ipad or Kindle. It includes never before seen images and celebrity encounters. All you have to do is tell me if you or someone you know is suffering from excessive weight gain as a child and its not your fault. Please fill in your information to receive your free copy.