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Actually I went into video games during the covid lockdown. I just lost my job as a computer networking technician at a local school due to covid. So during the lockdown, I tried to keep myself sane through learning to code. I finished the game with the help of my programming crew which we called BounceNPass please check it out.


These are other games I also created with the sticks.

Double Tap/ Double Trouble

Playing alone during the pandemic

This is a game played with two sticks two balls in a match. The objective of the game is to score higher double taps in a minute or allocate time allowed. Usually the score doesn't count until all balls are in the air. But as the game evolve, style and execution will be added to the overall score as performance of the athlete.


Double Tap is also an excellent workout routine. This is a workout you can execute from almost anywhere. It is great for all athletes. From boxers, tennis players, basketball players and baseball players alike all can benefit from the workout because its both cardio and an excellent physio for eye, hand coordination.

Watch the video here

One club multiple play.

The barlet is meant to provide prolonged game play based on the game of your choice. For instance you can combine all games in one event or simply play each game individually. There are lots of games you can play by flipping the barlet to your own suite such as:

Long putt



As the name suggests, long putt is a game of how far you can strike the ball from the ground and count how many yards the ball travelled. Similar to shot-put in the Olympic games by counting yards. You hit the ball from the ground with the round part of the barlet. You score points on how far your ball goes when it first lands. The game could be played on a football field, and you score based on the number of yards the ball landed. The idea here is that you can easily find a football field in any town and just play. Great for track and field games. Again since the ball is rubber, it can’t cause any harm. It is hard to hit the ball across the whole football field.


Pitchball Family play

Dribble and serve

Pitchball Court game play. Loading please wait...

Naturally, a good sport needs some interaction; which brings me to Pitchball. Pitchball is an exciting combination of both tennis. The setup here is a tennis court with or without the net. Six cones can be used as markers to mark the field, two cones on either side to mark home bases and two middle ones to indicate a boundary between players just like a net. The idea is to keep the ball on the ground while hitting it back and forth within bounds. You score points similar to tennis. Flipping the barlet into the air, you were meant to hit a served ball in motion. If you managed, you would get a grand slam. Two players can play at a time with a maximum of four players on the court. You defend your team with the barlet only. You can not use legs as defence. This game was great fun and was guaranteed to give you a workout while keep things simple.

Bounce and Pass

In this game you bounce the ball on the barlet a few times and pass it to your team mates. The players would bounce the ball three times and pass it. The goal is to bounce and then pass between players on the same team. If the ball falls short, the other team or player takes it from there.

Bounce and Pass

    Student demonstrating how to play Bounce and Pass. Loading please wait...


One of my earliest games played on the turf or on the marked playing field. The idea is to use the barlet to hit and land the ball on the marked target areas.  Just like in the picture below.

pictac, indoor fun

Pictac indoor play

You can even play a baseball type of the game by simply flipping the barlet upside down and modifying the rules. It's all about imagination and creativity for what is at hand.