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Fitness and Fun Collide

Exercising doesn’t need to be boring, and having fun doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health. Creator Frank Kigozi has faced many challenges in life, specifically physical limitations during recovery more on that as you will see. He wasn’t ready to give up on playing and having fun just yet, That’s why he created various games simply to stay fit and to keep active. As time went by, naturally people started noticing his unique way of playing with sticks. There is a collection of unique games he created. If you want to be healthy, happy, and have fun, no matter who you are, Family Fun Games are for you too.


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For over 165 years ago since Charles Goodyear invented an inner tube for a soccer ball, the ball has been kicked and played with. Nothing much has changed since. But I now introduce you to a whole new way of balling with sticks. The sticks are called barlets and I invented them before the games themselves. I developed a few prototypes until i found a winning stick. As you might notice, my English. I am an immigrant from Uganda Africa settled in Canada. In Africa, any headsman’s best friend is a stick. You never go anywhere in the jungle or tending ships without a stick. Naturally me playing with sticks came naturally. Even when I was a kid, we made our own toys and that’s how we played.  I still have that in me… If I need it I make it, but never put out a handout. That’s how I was brought up. 

 Double Tap is my most proudest contribution along this line of stick games.  This is a workout routine, or sport like that uses two balls and two sticks simultaneously as seen in my videos. It’s first of a kind in the world and I promise anyone can do it with practise. It is an excellent way to train hand and eye coordination as well as spacing used in basketball. These exercise and sports routine are for everyone. I hope this will inspire others to find fun anywhere in any form using my sticks. This is my contribution to the world of sports and fitness. Thank you for bearing with me.

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Sincerely yours

Frank Kigozi

Fun facts about me.

Fitness and Fun Collide

  1. I am still committed with working with the youth. So Letsplay was the whole inspiration.
  2. I will never forgot where I came from and my past experience still shapes me today.
  3. Here is my beautiful store. Any sales help me get closer to my dreams. See I have a dream for my sports to be considered real games that can be played in the international Olympics someday. Store.
  4. Always innovative and because of Covid 19 social distancing, we created  BounceNPass a video game so that we can keep in touch until good times returns. Try out the game on your smartphone or tablet on Android or iOS.
  5. Proud charities I have worked with Canadian Heart and stroke foundationCanadian Cancer Society , Supporting my Community and I am still advocating for child obesity.
  6. And as for fitness and training please book me by sending me a direct email here.
  7. I hold a world record for Double Tap. Bouncing two balls with two barlets 52 times in one minute.

So if you can give this brother a break, this is my portfolio. Join my Team lets make the dream even better send me a shoot I am always looking for talent or anyone who can beat me. Head to contest  and send me your best video.

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