Frank Kigozi founder of familyfungames.ca

Frank Kigozi Co-founder and Youth Director at Familyfungames.ca

Welcome to Family Fun Games Inc. Encouraging physical activities in the youth since 1999. So much has been done so much has happened and still going strong.

I invite you to explore my web site.

Letsplay is a featured page which showcases my acquaintance and people making a difference in health and fitness all over the world.

Gallery is full of pictures of fans, supporters.

Don’t forget to checkout the videos and my fan page. I am nothing without my fans.


Familyfungames was founded by Frank Kigozi through hard work and determination. Its this spirit which still lives on to encourage all youth to follow their dreams.

Fun facts about Frank

  1. I am still committed with working with the youth. So Letsplay was the whole inspiration.
  2. I will never forgot where I came from and my past experience still shapes me to this day.
  3. I am a network technician by trade here is my linkedin profile. So I know everything about computers. Checkout my Quora page where I answer technical questions with people with computer problems.
  4. Most people know me by picawho, picaone or picatree, it has been a long journey.  However nowadays I go by my name Frank Kigozi or through my brand apparel.

So if you can give this brother a break, this is my portifolio. It has been years in the making with dedication to passion, commitment and persistence.  Frankkigozi@familyfungames.ca.  You can not see the full picture, until you see how it all started in my ebook below….

I encourage you to read my e-book titled Frank and The games, everything you need to know is in there. Its a biography of how everything started. It includes celebrity encounters and so much more. Its an e-book which means you can read it on any electronic device.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Get my free copy of the book as a gift.   Please fill in your information to receive your free copy.