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My name is Frank Kigozi and I am owner/creator of Family Fun Games and I am a father and a big kid who never grew up because I like to play. All the blog posts are a reflection of our daily actives at home, in schools, and everyday discoveries.

 Unchangeable Facts about me

  1. English is my 3rd language. So pardon, my language. If (or should I say) WHEN you see grammar mistakes or sentences you don’t understand please be soft on me and if it really bothers you, let me know through my email frankkigozi@familyfungames.ca
  2. I am still committed to fighting obesity in the youth. So Letsplay was  the whole inspiration.
  3. I will never forgot where I came from and my past experience are still what shapes me today.
  4. Every dollar I collect from my artwork, 20% percent goes to my favorite charity.
  5. Most people know me by picawho, picaone or picatree. If you ask…Well the internet has changed a lot in the past few years. It wasn’t wise to be yourself online especially with hackers, spammers. With the raise of social media, the internet is a different animal today. You must be who you say you’re or else your account gets rejected or even worse, you don’t get paid in your name. However now I go by my name Frank Kigozi or through my brand apparel.

You can not see the full picture of me, until you find out how it all started. Well here it is…

I encourage you to read my e-book titled Frank and The games, everything you need to know is in there. Its a biography of how everything started. It includes celebrity encounters, more pictures never seen before and so much more. Its an e-book which means you can read it on any electronic device.

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