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First and foremost I welcome you to family fun games.  I started this vision with the games 16 years ago. By then technology and the games haven’t caught up. So I spent the last decade experimenting and fine tuning the games. To tell the truth, the club (barlet) was the easiest to design. Pretty much every player after watching a video or seeing me play, knew right away how to use the barlet due to its resembleness to a baseball bat.

The internet of today is way different than it was 16 years ago. Take an example with Social media and eCommerce. A lot of social media platforms has pooped out from the original Facebook and twitter such as Imgur, Stumblr, Pinterest, Tumblr and so forth. You even wonder if another one is needed.  Ecommerce has evolved a lot to the point that people, products and inventory is an option to have. Companies like Amazon, Teespring, Redbubble are creating wealth for individuals like me with original ideas. They take care of all the pain involved with the product investor’s pricing and distribution. While the artist concentrates on being an artist. Many individuals like me are working in underwear at home and making a comfortable living too. Welcome to the 21 century fox. 16 years ago, I was on the mercy of investors, bankers and none of them could see the vision fully. In fact many called me delusional.

 16 years since the inception of the ballet, I have been doing charity work. This charity work helped me to educate the public on how to use the club. I used it to raise money for Canadian Heart and stroke foundation Canadian Cancer Society, Red Cross, and to raise obesity awareness in youth which is still my co-founding cause. Also 16 years ago, social media should have made a difference if it existed to get people to know about the games.

I had given up and went to school instead. It was April 2015 last year when my family was browsing through my portrait album and stumbled upon the games.  I always hide it from them because, I never wanted to give them false hope. We played the games for the first time in June of 2015 and posted pictures on my blog. Full story in my ebook Frank and the games.

We received so much support and encouragement from all social media which encouraged me to launch my own website Traffic to the website is mainly from social media and organic search engine optimization. I am trying the business investor side of the games for the first time beginning 2017. I need investor into 5 key areas:-

  1. Leverage and recruitment
  2. I need to run brand specific products such as balls, sticks, and wearable products. This spring and summer I want to get my wearables T-shirt and Hoodie in stores because I like to reach more customers.
  3. In the meantime, I can run the ballets in the short run, but I need investment to run a full production. In the meantime, I am only licensing to established manufacturers who can handle full production and packaging at a reasonable cost. Plans for a synthetic substitute are also in the works.
  4. Advertising. Even if the website naturally receives organic traffic, we need to reach a broader audience for effective campaigns investor.

I am also looking for a CEO with experience to take us to the next level. As it is right now, I am a one-man show doing all jack of all trades (lol it’s the 21 century way). I need product designers and website developers. So if you want to join and invest in an original startup with tangible assets, this is your opportunity. If you can handle a run for some of our products, please contact me as soon as possible. Still, if you’re not convinced, give me a call lets chat. Thank you for reading..

Frank Kigozi
Invest officer
305-1921 St.Laurent Dr.
North Battleford, Sk
S9A 3L5