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This is the wooden barlet I use for fitness. You can buy one stick for replacement or buy a set of 2 for a full game for just $70.

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Height 32 inches

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Do you want to lose weight while having fun?

Do you want to learn a new sport?

I know time is an essential when it comes to fitness. However you cannot put a price on health. With these simple sticks and balls, you can have a great fun workout by yourself, with a friend or the entire family. They cost comparable to regular baseball bats so the price is right.  I make them and ship them. I am working hard to get the cost down so it's affordable to everyone.

What makes my barlets different is the way they handle the ball. I invented the sport so I can tell you the difference. For instance the notch of the stick is similar to a drum stick. Using the notch makes the ball bounce off the ground with ease.  In fact this is a dancing activity. Forget about boring workouts. Consider the barlets as a long extended drum stick but for balls, sports and fitness. You can use the same stick to play family fun games including Double-Tap and set records.

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I can't wait to see your smiles....Guaranteed fun.