Contest is open to get 32 Double Taps in one minute $500 winner takes all restrictions apply.

Double Tap is either a fitness workout sport. The objective of the game is to double tap two balls with two sticks (barlets) in one minute. Winner wins $500. Contest is open to all athletes from all around the world. Winner will be featured on the website and will go on to be our spokes person for the game. Current record is 15 double taps in 1 minute held by me Frank Kigozi in Canada.


  1. No video editing and no added music.
  2. Video setting can be indoors or outdoors with clear lighting mp4 format.
  3. Proper attire is recommended as the world will be watching you.
  4. For Balls size please use a Spalding basketball size ball or Hedgstrom Game winner ball which you can buy at any sports store or Walmart. Ours are coming soon.
  5. Barlets must be bought from our official site or through authorized retailers only.
  6. Include a jpg or png Picture of yourself including your First and Last Name, your Address so that we can send pay you.
  7. Submit your video to

Double Tap is also an excellent workout routine. This is a workout you can execute from almost anywhere. It is great for anyone or all athletes. From boxers, tennis players, basketball players, drummers an anything in between. Its great for both cardio and excellent for eye, hand coordination. Please watch the video below.

Watch the video here