How to hold the barlet and play.

The barlet is a multipurpose game club no doubt about that used to play a number of games depending on what is available to you. Although there is no right or wrong way to hold the barlet, the game you play determines how you hold the club. For instance if you’re striking the ball from the ground just like in Longput, you want to strike it using the round notch of the barlet. Similar to when you’re dribbling the ball in Pitchball from the stand still, you want to use the round notch of the barlet its easier that way. However you can also hold the barlet from the notch and use the handle to strike a hard ball like a baseball. Just like in the pictures bellow.

How to hold the barlet and play.

Learning to dribble a still ball holding the barlet the right way. Holding the barlet is like holding a drum stick. Its similar to a drum roll.  Holding the barlet the wrong way the ball won’t bounce and you will have difficulty getting the ball in the air. My patent CA2225877A1 covers this round notch, I was way ahead of times.

How To dribble with the barlet

Learning to dribble the ball, gives you major advantage because, its the basis of every game with the sticks. If you can do this, you already have what it takes to play even harder games like Double-Tap.

Where can you play? Anywhere there is space to play. That is indoors and outdoors such as in the gym, field centres, tennis courts, public parks, schools, amusement parks, at home in your backyard, picnic parks etc, fitness and exercise shouldn’t be compromised. Get the barlets and try it out for yourself guaranteed fun. Click on store below or just click here.